About MATT


Persatuan Teknologi Trenchless Malaysia (MATT)

The Malaysia Association for Trenchless Technologies (MATT) has been  established to have a body truly representative of all stakeholders from the sector throughout the country, to promote trenchless technologies and methods, represent the interests of its members, provide an important forum for exchange of knowledge and expertise nationally and internationally, and offer a platform for professional training and educational programs.

The use of trenchless methods and technologies  are important and effective effective tools, technically, environmentally and economically, in construction, management and rehabilitation of a wide variety of assets including water, gas and oil pipeline infrastructures, for Malaysia and the wider region.

MATT's membership encompasses representation from government ministries and departments, utilities and infrastructure assets managers, private contractors and consultancies and other professional organisations. MATT maintains an open door policy to all interested parties to become a member of the Association and participate in its events and activities, 

Above all, MATT's stated aim is to  advance knowledge, awareness and use of Trenchless Technologies  and methods throughout Malaysia, in the public interest.

MTT was officially registered with the Malaysian Register of Societies (ROS) in December 2018 .

Registration No. PPM-049-14-27122018